Liquidity Planning


Update your Liquidity Plan based on a predefined set of rules and populated from your Infor ERP, M3, LN, CloudSuite and SunSytems . Ensure your business remains solvent at all times for the foreseeable future and gain a clear understanding of how much free liquidity can be managed in the short, medium and long term.


Financial Performance Management Capabilities

It offers intelligent business and financial performance management capabilities to drive your business effectively

Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting

Integrated, driver-based planning for income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow .

Financial Consolidations

Consolidate multiple sets of books quickly and easily from each of your legal entities, process elimination entries, and generate a single set of accurate financial statements.

Workforce Budgeting

Workforce planning and budgeting to link financial plans with strategic execution.. Detail headcount requirements, model salary adjustments, account for vacancies

Reporting and Dashboards

Easily produce and mange financial statements. Define strict reporting standards, yet have also entirely tailored hierarchies and reporting structures

Example Dashboards
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