Management Reporting

SAP Anylitics Cloud

Actual vs. Budget vs. Forecast
Variance Analysis – a comparison that is always live.
Gain real-time smart insights into your data.

Everything in-sync

No time wasted loading and transforming your data.

Make a change in your source system, your dashboards and reports are instantly updated.

As your business changes, so does your Analytics.

Instant decision making based on real-time smart insights

Variance Analysis lets you gain real-time smart insight into your data and allows you to make faster decisions.

  • Make decisions instantly
  • Reforecast quickly whenever you need to
  • Seamless integration - transactional drill down to review the how and why at the source
  • Collaborate with colleagues, quickly and efficiently, inside the tool. Less time wasted picking up the phone or emailing.
  • Financial Statements out of the box and ready to use

Dashboard and Ad-hoc Analytics

  • Get a 360º look at your entire business and data.
  • Use modern charting techniques
  • Drill down to transaction data

Benchmark & analyse KPI metrics

Benchmark between business units or competitors.

Analyse critical non-financial KPIs and calculate important business metrics.

Scenario Analysis

Helps you compare different scenarios like pessimistic vs optimistic, giving quality data to inform your business decisions like never before.

SAP Anylitics Cloud

Start making better decisions backed by data

Centralized Intelligence

Track organizational KPIs in real-time with up-to-the-minute updates to your interactive dashboards.

Automatic Insights

Machine learning technology highlights key business drivers and insights so you can take action.

Integrated Planning

Streamline end-to-end workflows with a single software solution for business intelligence and planning.

Interactive Results

Dive deeper and run simulations right from the boardroom with a 360° view of your business.

Example Dashboards

“With SAP Analytics Cloud, we now have Executive Dashboards where we can drill seamlessly into the underlying journals and gain real insights into the business.”

— Miriam Prado, Project Manager Taronga Zoo

Features provided

  • One day kick-off and initial workshops
  • Connection to your SAP ECC , SAP S/4 HANA or SAP By Design
  • Integration of Cost Centres, Profit Centres and Chart of Accounts
  • Automated load of Financial Actuals
  • Budget and Forecast data loaded via flat files or from the source
  • Variance Analysis – Actual vs. Budget vs. Forecast by Month to Date, Year to Date, Full Year
  • Profit & Loss Statement
  • Dashboard and Ad-hoc Analytics
  • KPI metrics
  • Scenario Analysis
  • One day training and handover
  • User Documentation
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