Workforce Planning

SAP Anylitics Cloud

Accurately and efficiently forecast costs for your entire workforce based on positions and employees and plan based on salary bands.
Run scenarios to analyse and compare workforce costs by Location, Cost Centre, Project or any other level of detail

360º view of your workforce

Take control and gain full insight into of workforce. Analyse Costs, FTEs and Headcounts by cost centre, project area or geolocation.

Compare actuals to forecasts, easily transfer or backfill positions and use inbuilt rules to calculate predicted costs automatically.

Everything in-sync

No time wasted loading and transforming your data.

We load all Positions & Employees, FTEs, Salaries and On-Cost Rates from SAP SuccessFactors so all your data stays in sync and replanning can occur easily as the business updates and changes.

Using a different payroll system? No worries, we can easily load from flat files also.

Data Security

Workforce data is sensitive and requires special protection.

The SAP Analytics Cloud Security framework allows you to give access to specific Cost Centres or even Accounts, giving you full control of who can see sensitive information such as Salaries

Run scenarios and forecasts

Opening a new store? A new mine? Another factory? Outsourcing a division? Launching a new product?

Run and compare varied workforce scenarios easily based on rates, drivers and awards.

Use salary bands and assumptions to build forecasts or scenarios - informing you more accurately before making decisions and taking risks.

Save time with automations

Automatically produce plans, forecasts and scenarios from driven calculations based on loaded FTE, Salaries & On-Cost rates and updates made by the users.

Easily allocate costs to Cost Centres, Projects or other dimensions based on FTEs or Headcounts.

Capitalise workforce costs based on planned FTE assignments to capital projects.

Cell based & Inline commentary

Allows your users to provide additional information about specific planning inputs or variances so everyone can see the what, why and where for any specific planning assumptions.

“Project Manager A is assigned 50% for three months to capital project XYZ”

No need to pick up the phone or email around to track down reasoning behind planning inputs, saving your teams valuable time. And the record remains!

SAP Anylitics Cloud

Start making better decisions backed by data

Centralized Intelligence

Track organizational KPIs in real-time with up-to-the-minute updates to your interactive dashboards.

Automatic Insights

Machine learning technology highlights key business drivers and insights so you can take action.

Integrated Planning

Streamline end-to-end workflows with a single software solution for business intelligence and planning.

Interactive Results

Dive deeper and run simulations right from the boardroom with a 360° view of your business.

Example Dashboards

Features provided

  • One day kick-off and initial workshops
  • Integration to SAP SuccessFactors or via flat files
  • Load Positions & Employees
  • Load FTE, Salary and On-Cost Rates
  • FTE or Headcount based Planning Inputs by Position and Employee, including Commentary
  • Driven Calculations for Salaries and On-costs
  • Allocations, Project assignments and Capitalisation
  • What-if and scenario modelling/comparison capability
  • Full report suite incl. variance reporting between scenarios
  • All stories and pages formatted based on your corporate identity
  • Master story template configured to use for future developments
  • Security configuration
  • One day training and handover
  • User Documentation
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