5 Ways Infor d/EPM Can Enhance Your Performance Management

Effective financial performance management is more important than ever for businesses dealing with today’s volatile economic conditions. Financial teams and CFOs are under increased pressure to deliver on profit margins, outperform previous financial targets, and create sustainable value while mitigating potential risks. Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) focuses on overcoming these challenges by establishing a framework where corporate performance can be captured, analysed, understood, and adjusted accordingly.

At Bluetree, we believe that being able to plan, budget, and forecast accurately, and disclose financial data to internal and external stakeholders sooner gives companies a competitive advantage in the post-pandemic marketplace. Utilising innovative digital technologies, finance departments can perform more detailed performance analyses, which in turn can be passed on to executives to better inform the decision-making process. One modern EPM solution which we highly recommend is Infor d/EPM, which combines advanced business intelligence tools with financial planning and reporting capabilities, providing a complete view of your organisation in real time.

From simplifying the budgeting process to upgrading your sales and project forecasting functionality, here are five ways Infor d/EPM can enhance your performance management ability:

  • Consolidates your financial data for accurate reporting

Infor d/EPM allows you to collect, consolidate, and report on accurate data sets from various source applications across your organisation. You can generate a single set of financial statements using multiple sets of books from different legal entities, while conveniently processing any elimination entries. With your data automatic updating each time a change is made to the source files, Infor d/EPM modernises both the planning and reporting process, freeing financial teams from tedious manual processes and ensuring that results are delivered to management quickly and comprehensively.

  • Combines budgets and actuals for simplified planning

Delivering the annual budget is one of the most important duties of the finance function. To simplify the budgeting process, Infor d/EPM has been designed according to financial best practices to provide a user-friendly modelling tool which combines profit and loss data, balance sheets, financial actuals, and cash flow. This tool features unlimited what-if scenario planning at any level of your organisation, and allows you to leverage multiple currencies and conversion rates to effectively improve workflow management and enhance your strategic financial planning capability.

  • Provides integrated sales forecasting and scenario analysis

Infor d/EPM helps you create accurate sales forecasts that are directly related to your budgets and projects, facilitating inter-departmental collaboration between finance and operational teams. You can access detailed sales data, create flexible rules for discounts and drivers-based calculations, and simplify aggregated value down to the SKU level for easier budgeting. By utilising advanced AI-based predictions and trend analysis, this EPM solution offers you the best possible insight into the financial future of your company.

  • Simplifies capital expenditure and project planning

With this software, you can integrate all the elements required for your capital expenditure cycle into a single workflow, making it easier to manage projects, investments, and cash flow. Capital expense planning and project forecasting are streamlined for you, based on real-time data stored securely in the cloud. Infor d/EPM also continuously monitors your systems for financial compliance, highlighting any anomalies or potential risks and providing guidance on best practice segregation of duties implementation for more sustainable risk management.

  • Streamlines the digitalisation process with Bluepack integration

For companies considering digital transformation, modular solutions like our Bluepack range can be a smart, low-risk alternative to custom IT projects. Bluepacks offer companies the technology and skillset to take control of their own transformation, using pre-packaged digital building blocks to update vital capabilities depending on their needs and existing business processes. We currently have Bluepacks built on Infor d/EPM available for financial planning, management reporting, workforce planning, sales forecasting, liquidity planning, and self-service governance and security, with more set for release in the near future.

Our team at Bluetree pride themselves on being thought leaders in the FP&A space, as well as a trusted provider of Infor EPM and reporting solutions for our customers around the globe. If you would like to learn more about Infor d/EPM or request a free demonstration of any of our Bluepacks, contact Bluetree Solutions to discuss your requirements today.

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