5 ways SAP Analytics Cloud can Streamline Financial Planning for Your Business

In a business landscape where companies are becoming increasingly data-driven, the need to update manual processes to integrated digital solutions is fast becoming essential. With access to advanced analytics, task automation, collaboration tools, and enhanced planning methods, finance teams can ensure greater company resilience overall and be prepared to address future crises when they arise.

But if it’s one thing we’ve learnt in our decades of experience sourcing and delivering custom-built technology for our clients, not all software is created equal. Some applications are glacially slow to deploy, require constant maintenance, or just aren’t designed to integrate with your existing business processes, resulting in accessibility and scalability issues. Pair all this with high up-front implementation costs, and it’s no wonder that many companies are reluctant to commit to greater technology adoption.

The introduction of cloud-based SaaS technology has been a game changer when it comes to improving the functionality of business operations. Centrally hosted and licensed through a monthly or annual subscription, these solutions are quick to deploy and can be accessed anywhere using a web browser. SaaS providers are also responsible for deploying backups and software upgrades as well as managing the underlying infrastructure, taking the pressure off IT managers.

As a trusted provider of financial planning and performance management solutions, we recommend SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) to all of our clients interested in starting their digital transformation. SAC is a next-generation SaaS planning, business intelligence, and predictive analysis tool, delivered through a single cloud-based application for your convenience. Here are five innovative ways SAP Analytics Cloud can help streamline your financial planning and analytics capability:

Increase your agility with real-time business intelligence

SAC is designed to keep up with modern businesses, providing smart data insights in real-time to accelerate and inform decision-making at the highest level. Having a 360-degree view of company data across multiple departments will increase the agility and flexibility of your business, allowing you to constantly evolve to meet organisational and market requirements.

Consolidate company data in the cloud (no more data silos!)

Cloud-based computing overcomes the challenges associated with point solutions and aggravating data silos, with no need to switch between multiple screens and different applications to access business intelligence. With SAC, data is consolidated in the cloud, easily accessible by relevant users and secured by world-class compliance and data protection practices for your peace of mind.

Customise your dashboard to highlight relevant insights

SAC is built natively on the SAP Business Technology Platform, previously referred to as SAP Cloud Platform, with highly reliable in-memory computing to power your financial planning and analysis. Created to complement the way people actually work, SAC allows full dashboard customisation, effectively personalising each user interface and KPIs while providing easy navigation throughout the system.

Use data visualisation for improved efficiency and analysis

The advanced reporting and forecasting tools provided by SAC allows finance teams to plan and simulate at any level of detail, with any number of users, at any time. Using Stories, you can transform your data into visual elements including charts, tables, geomaps, and graphs, and discover hidden insights which could lead to better business outcomes.

Facilitate collaboration across your entire organisation

The holistic nature of SAC coupled with task automation enables enterprise-wide collaboration on important business metrics. This not only heightens productivity but can also leads to more valuable insights, giving your colleagues the ability to comment on, contribute to, and approve everything from sales forecasts and budgets to predictive scenarios and management reports.

Bluetree are a proud SAP Gold Partner and the number one solution provider on SAP Analytics Cloud in both Australia and New Zealand. Our team are widely recognised as some of the best SAP technology specialists in the market because our focus isn’t just on implementing technology, but on ensuring that all initiatives are rooted in your organisation’s strategy and fully integrated with your existing business processes. Contact us to discuss your requirements today.

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