Organisational Agility: The Key to Lasting Company Resilience?

To stay competitive in a diversifying marketplace, companies need to become more adaptable and responsive to change. But what it means to be an ‘agile’ company has evolved over time, encompassing the optimisation of business processes, organisational structure, strategic and workplace planning, performance management, and much more. In a 2017 survey by PMI and Forbes Insights, 92% of senior executives agreed that organisational agility is key to business success and resilience, but only 27% considered their company to be highly agile.  

Creating organisational agility across a company is usually achieved through digital transformation, in which inefficient manual processes are updated by implementing digital solutions. The benefits of highly successful digital transformations are myriad, as this 2021 McKinsey survey shows: operational performance, customer centricity, employee engagement, and overall efficiency all increased by 30%, while financial performance improved by an astonishing 65%. However, the potential benefits of agility are ultimately limited if it comes at the cost of internal stability.

Often digital transformations fail because of internal challenges, rather than external factors. These challenges include lack of executive support or sponsorship, an inability to overcome embedded cultural reluctance regarding digital adoption, and a lack of understanding about the process and technology involved, leading to unrealistic expectations, concerned stakeholders, and unmet deadlines.

Maintaining internal stability to achieve dynamic agility

Successful digital transformations rely on organisation-wide collaboration, beginning with the leadership team. To achieve end-to-end agility, each department needs to make a focused effort to work together or risk failure, highlighting the importance of strategic leadership. Change needs to be a top-down mindset, both to shift embedded cultural attitudes towards digital technologies, and to streamline the entire transformation process, which can be a time-consuming and disruptive period for employees.

Practicing positive leadership behaviours such as rewarding your team for getting involved with agile initiatives, consistently communicating the advantages of digitalisation across your organisation, and facilitating multiple approaches to company tasks during the transformation will help alleviate any internal anxieties towards the change. Employees who feel prepared and supported are more likely to embrace new technologies and ways of thinking, resulting in an increasingly resilient and creative workforce.

CFOs have recently emerged as one of the key drivers of digital transformation.  This is because finance departments can particularly benefit from the adoption of agile tools such as task automation and predictive analytics, as well as rapidly demonstrate the benefits of digitalisation to reassure management teams and stakeholders. Modular solutions are a low-risk, rapid-deployment option for companies looking to kickstart their digital transformation by optimising their finances; see our innovative range of Bluepacks to learn more.

Achieving organisational agility through digital transformation

 At Bluetree, we have always believed that the success of any digital transformation must be rooted in the strategy and objectives of the organisation. Without taking elements such as existing business processes, timing, the technology involved, and the opinions of stakeholders into account, you may end up with ineffective solutions or facing extended delays before implementation.

With decades of experience in delivering tailored performance management solutions for a range of businesses, our five-phase Bluetree methodology ensures that we develop the right agile initiatives based on current best practices for your industry. Firstly, our team aims to understand and articulate your vision, ensuring buy-in from all stakeholders in your organisation. Secondly, we analyse your current framework and technical infrastructure, and define your desired capabilities through workshops and interviews. We then develop detailed initiatives covering future state options and create a detailed implementation roadmap to help you reach your specific goals. Finally, as a proud SAP Gold Partner, our technology experts are in the perfect position to implement your chosen digital solutions.

Improve the organisational agility of your organisation and attain long-term resilience with Bluetree Solutions – contact us today to begin your journey.

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