Revolutionising business intelligence: Introducing modular Bluepacks

We’re going to let you in on an industry secret: despite the increased convenience and innovation of conducting business online, most companies still struggle to streamline their financial planning, reporting, budgeting, and analytics functionality.

Perhaps you have all the data but no efficient way to draw out valuable insights, experience annoying inaccuracies when forecasting sales and costs, or your strategic budgeting is looking anything but due to outdated programming.

So, you end up turning to developers to create a custom IT solution at your own expense. Then, after months of waiting, the new technology arrives over-budget and under-delivers, either failing to meet your specific needs or unable to be implemented with your existing software. Sound familiar?

Removing the risk from digital transformation

Time and time again, we’ve heard from clients running extensive workshops and complicated requirements-gathering exercises, all in the pursuit of an integrated solution which is easy to use and enables their business.

But why reinvent the wheel? In our extensive experience as a financial advisory and services provider, we have found that 90% of business’ needs are similar, and could be covered with a solution model that deploys rapidly and is easy to implement.

That’s why Bluetree have poured all our expertise from hundreds of projects into creating our range of pre-packaged modular Bluepacks, which are designed to be building blocks for your business. Available individually and in packages, Bluepacks give you a high-end starting point to digitally transform and streamline your business, while complementing your existing system landscape and processes.

Not only do modular solutions deploy in only weeks instead of months, but they also reduce implementation costs, and remove the risk and uncertainty associated with IT project timelines and budgets (which can be ambiguous, to say the least). Each of our Bluepacks shows you exactly what you get, and crucially, how much it will cost.

Designing innovative financial planning and reporting solutions

Our Bluepacks are built using SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC), which offers user-friendly business intelligence, financial planning, and machine learning in a single holistic platform. We are great supporters of SAP Analytics Cloud and its ability to simplify financial planning and analysis, giving companies the opportunity to analyse data and collaborate in real-time. Bluetree works closely with SAP using their Business Technology Platform, and was one of the first organisations to implement SAC in both Australia and New Zealand.

What sets SAP Analytics Cloud apart is its agile functionality and ability to provide simultaneous SaaS business intelligence with in-memory computing. SAC is built natively on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform so that you can discover, visualise, plan, and predict in a single product, with no need to jump between screens, applications, or data silos. SAC also safeguards your data and offers enterprise-wide access to analytics through a secure public cloud.

Currently we have six Bluepacks available for management reporting, financial planning, workforce planning, sales forecasting, liquidity reporting, and self-service governance and security, with plans to release more in the future. Each Bluepack can also be built using Infor d/EPM, which offers similar intelligent business and financial performance management capabilities.

Combining industry expertise with intelligent technology

Another advantage Bluepacks offer is to leverage our industry experience along with our status as an award-winning SAP Gold Partner. We are dedicated to supporting each of our customers throughout the entire implementation process, including a dedicated success manager to ensure the new technology is seamlessly adopted.

Our advisory service can provide you with a roadmap designed to help overcome your specific challenges, as well as demonstrating leading practices and training your team in preparation for the final handover. We also work closely with SAP Account Executives to allow our customers a joint-value proposition and the best possible outcome for your business.

Looking for a financial planning, strategic budgeting, and reporting solution which you can use from day one? Kickstart your journey with Bluetree and request a free Bluepack demo today.

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