SAP Finance Breakfast: Presenting Next-Generation Planning & Analysis

Bluetree was invited to present at this months SAP Breakfast’s which took place in both Sydney and Melbourne. Bluetree director Christopher Kaszelik presented alongside industry leaders discussing the new challenges faced by finance departments within large organisations. Kaszelik’s presentation highlighted the changing environment faced by CFO’s with business trends moving toward global growth initiatives and pushing to reduce the costs of finance. He explains that “finance executives believe that the future success depends on making better use of technology” with SAP BPC facilitating the new path on how performance management tools are utilised.

Kaszelik demonstrated how SAP BPC is helping businesses streamline planning, allowing businesses to spend more time analysing and less time closing books. Furthermore his presentation included sample case studies showing how SAP BPC has been successfully implemented and used to overcome a broad range of issues including data integrity, moving from stand alone MS Excel models and implementing sustainable planning solutions. To view the detailed summary of industry examples utilising SAP EPM and the complete presentation by Kaszelik follow the link below.

Chris Kaszelik’s Presentation: Next-Generation Planning & Analysis


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