Check out the SAP Datasphere Enablement Bluepacks

What’s SAP Datasphere?

SAP Datasphere is an integrated and persona-driven data warehouse-as-a-service solution that helps business and IT users better understand and analyze their business data. You can use it to access and explore semantically rich data from any source, integrate new information, and share new insights.

With SAP Datasphere, you can:

Access authoritative data: Accelerate your time-to-value by automatically reusing the semantical definitions and associations from SAP applications.

Enrich all data projects: Harmonize heterogeneous data into a business semantic model of your diverse data landscape. 

Simplify the data landscape: Access all your data across hybrid and cloud environments no matter where it resides.

What’s SAP Datasphere Enablement Bluepacks?

Bluepacks are a pre-packaged module Data Warehousing solution offered by Bluetree to help customers deploy rapidly in weeks instead of months, remove risk and reduce implementation costs.

SAP Datasphere Enablement Bluepacks help efficiently implement datasphere, for specific use cases in just four weeks, including SAC Reporting & Dashboards.

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