Unpacking Bluepack 1: Management Reporting Made Easy with Real-time Analytics

At Bluetree, we’ve always been passionate about innovation. That’s why we created our range of pre-packaged modular solutions to guide companies along the road to digital transformation. Bluepacks remove the risks traditionally associated with IT projects, delivering rapid deployment, reduced implementation costs, and seamless integration with existing business processes.

Our Bluepacks are built using SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC), a next-generation SaaS application which combines machine learning, integrated planning, and smart data insights. Bluetree is a proud SAP Gold Partner, and a recognised thought leader and solution provider for finance technologies using the SAP platform. For an overview of how Bluepacks can benefit your company’s financial planning, reporting, and data analysis, have a read of our introductory blog post here.

In this blog, we’re going to do a deep dive into the features and benefits of our first Bluepack for Management Reporting. All of our Bluepacks adhere to International Business Communication Standards (IBCS) for research-based best practice business visualisations and reporting, enabling the creation of more insightful, data-driven management reports and empowering decision-makers for better company performance. From variance analysis to KPI benchmarking, here is everything you can achieve with our management reporting starter kit:

Data Integration

 Each Management Reporting Bluepack comes with a dedicated success manager to ensure the technology is adopted seamlessly into your system landscape, and that your data is consolidated in the cloud for easy access. This includes connection to SAP ECC, SAP S/4HANA or SAP By Design, plus the integration of your existing cost centres, profit centres, and chart of accounts, uploading of budget and forecast data via flat files or from the source, and the automated loading of financial actuals.

Real-time Analytics

 SAP Analytics Cloud is designed with a fully customisable landing page and ad-hoc analytics, allowing each user to personalise their interface to show data insights relevant to their role. SAC provides advanced analytics tools which keep up with the pace of modern business – you only have to make a change in the source system to instantly update all your dashboards and reports, with no time wasted on loading or transforming data. Our Management Reporting Bluepack on SAC further facilitates actual vs. budget vs. forecast variance analysis, along with ready-to-use financial and profit and loss statements, perfectly complimenting SAC’s Smart Insights and Smart Discovery machine learning features to help you instantly identify data trends and correlations.

Data Visualisation

Being able to visualise data in multiple ways is essential for management reporting, and SAC delivers with graphs, geomaps, charts, tables, report simulations, and other visual representations to help simplify the financial planning process. You can also analyse important business metrics like KPIs, including benchmarking between business units and competitors, and perform pessimistic vs. optimistic predictive scenario analysis that encompasses your entire organisation.

User Collaboration

 SAC contains a variety of useful tools for efficient collaboration, including the ability to create teams, assign and track tasks using the calendar function, receive notifications, have discussions with colleagues in real-time, and comment on analytic applications, tasks, data points, and more. The holistic nature of cloud-based computing means that all communication can happen within the application – no more time wasted on answering emails or missed phone calls!

 Expert Training

Bluetree is at your side throughout the entire Bluepack rollout process, from kick-off on the first day right through to staff training and final handover. We provide you with user documentation and ensure that your Bluepack is successfully adopted by your organisation.

Our team of experts believe that the latest advances in cloud-based computing can significantly improve the ways businesses operate, plan, analyse, and act. We also think that great planning and data analytics solutions shouldn’t have to be complex or costly. To request a free demo of our Management Reporting Bluepack, contact Bluetree today.


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