Unpacking Bluepack 3: Effective Workforce Planning For Your Entire Organisation

In our years operating as a financial and technology advisory specialising in planning and analytics solutions, the team at Bluetree have discovered the majority of our clients are facing similar issues when it comes to strategic, financial, and workforce planning. As industries begin to embrace digitalisation and the world of e-commerce, companies need to stay competitive and resilient by upgrading their existing business processes and technologies.

Watching our clients engage in extensive requirements-gathering exercises and rounds of intensive workshops convinced us that there had to be an easier way to enable organisations with useful planning and analytics tools. That is what inspired us to create our range of Bluepacks, pre-packaged modular solutions built using SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) which serve as a starter kit for digital transformation, allowing you to easily upgrade your company one process at a time.

This blog is the third in our ongoing series of Unpacking Bluepacks – see our first post on the Management Reporting Bluepack, our second post on the Financial Planning Bluepack, and our Bluepack overview to learn more. This week, we will be outlining the advantages of our Workforce Planning Bluepack, including accurate cost forecasting, workforce scenario analysis, data security, and more:

Automated Data Loading

Successful workforce planning strategies rely on having a 360-degree view of your organisation. To facilitate access to these valuable insights, the Workforce Planning Bluepack includes automated loading of your positions, employees, FTEs, salaries, and on-cost rates from SAP SuccessFactors, ensuring that all your data stays in-sync and replanning can easily occur as your company grows and changes. If your company uses a different payroll system, we can also easily load your data from flat files.

Scenario Modelling & Forecasting

Whether you are planning to open a new factory, store, or mine, launch a new product, or outsource a division, predictive scenario analysis is key to ensuring success. With our Workforce Planning Bluepack, you can run and compare varied workforce scenarios based on rates, drivers, and awards, and compare workforce costs by location, cost centre, project, or any other level of detail, allowing you to make more informed and accurate decisions. With built-in forecasting and scenario modelling tools, SAP Analytics Cloud also provides the ability to efficiently forecast costs for your entire workforce, and plan for the future based on salary bands and other assumptions as required.

Automated Cost Allocation

Shifting from manual to automated cost allocation is one of the many benefits of digitally transforming your business. Our Bluepack allows you to automatically produce customised plans, forecasts, and predictive scenarios from driven calculations based on loaded FTEs, salaries, and on-cost rates, along with user updates. With a more detailed understanding of the financial position of your organisation, you can easily allocate funds to relevant cost centres and specific projects based on FTEs or headcounts, and capitalise on workforce costs based on planned FTE assignments to capital projects.

Data Security & User Collaboration

At Bluetree, we understand that workforce data is sensitive and requires ongoing protection. As a next generation, cloud-based planning and business intelligence solution, SAP Analytics Cloud includes an effective security framework allowing you to give or withhold access to specific cost centres and accounts for individual users. To learn more about the benefits of using SAP Analytics Cloud, see our blog post on five ways SAC can streamline your financial planning capability.

SAP Analytics Cloud also facilitates easier collaboration across departments and between team members, with cell-based and in-line commentary which allows users to provide additional information about specific planning inputs and variances. Everyone will be able to see the reasoning behind any planning decision instantly, speeding up the workforce planning process and eliminating the need to send an email or pick up the phone for further clarity!

Expert Training

Each of our Bluepacks includes expert training and access to a dedicated success manager throughout the entire implementation process for your convenience. As a proud SAP Gold Partner, Bluetree Solutions also offers ongoing consultations with experienced SAP Account Executives, who will ensure that your chosen solution meets all of your operational requirements and complements your existing system landscape.

Switching to more advanced technology and innovative planning solutions to benefit your business shouldn’t have to be complex or costly. Our Bluepacks were designed to mitigate the risks, reduce the cost, and speed up the deployment of tailored performance management solutions. For more information about the Workforce Planning Bluepack or to request a free demonstration, contact Bluetree Solutions today.

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