The volumes of data that are being generated in the current information age are vastly growing. Businesses that understand how to collect and analyse their data can gain a clear advantage over their competitors when it comes to exploring new markets, understanding customers, increasing product profitability, reducing costs, monitoring risk, modelling scenarios and managing performance.
We help our clients to get the insight into their data they need to do better business.

Our areas of expertise

Data analytics

Our industry leading reporting and analytics experts are there to help you understand and analyse your business data, while assisting you in establishing a corporate wide business intelligence strategy and ensure data consistency. Bluetree’s visualisation specialists always follow latest industry trends and modern data techniques using the best tools available in the market.

Big data

The vastly growing amounts of data coming from an increasing number of sources creates challenges (and opportunities) for businesses in all industries. You need to ask yourself: What is your Big Data strategy? How do you combine and analyse data to make better decisions and drive business performance?
Our experts are there to help you solve your Big Data problems, assist you in implementing the technologies you need and gain the insights that will push you ahead of the competition.

Predictive analysis

Predictive analytics are the latest trend in the business intelligence space and many vendors are now incorporarting prediction alogrithms in their solutions. Our innovation oriented team of specialist can help you be an early adopter of these features to gain a clear competitvie advantage.
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Why Bluetree?

  • We deliver exceptional Client Service – our most important measure of success.
  • At Bluetree we believe that data is your biggest asset. Let us help you understand it.
  • Our solutions are custom built to fit every client’s unique needs and culture.
  • At Bluetree we don’t just implement technology, but ensure all initiatives are rooted in your organisation’s strategy and fully integrate into your processes.
  • We deliver results, because our industry leading experts and certified project managers have decades of experience in delivering business intelligence solutions.