SAP Datasphere

What is SAP Datasphere?

SAP Datasphere is a Software as a service and the first enterprise-ready, data warehouse in the cloud that unites all your data sources in one solution, maintaining the security, trust, and semantic richness of your information.

With SAP Datasphere, analytics and data warehousing come together in one simple cloud solution, enabling end-to-end data management as well as fast and confident decision makings empowered by the augmented analytics. Also, it combines the powerful data management capabilities of SAP HANA with the broad advanced analytics capabilities of SAP Analytics Cloud.

SAP Datasphere creates a single live source of truth for multiple data sources, which is clean, easier to find, robust, and trustable. For administrators, user security and data governance can be managed in one single place.

SAP Datasphere Key Features

Easy and Fast Deployment Speed


Data Transformation With a Click of a Button


Empower Your Non-Technical Employees


A Single View of All Your Data


Semantic business layer to translate data language


Scale Your Solution With Your Business


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Embedded SAP Analytics Cloud

Get the best-in-class data analytics, visualization, and reporting tool with pre-integration with SAP Analytics Cloud. Discover the key 2020 innovations we have planned for SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and SAP Analytics Cloud integration. Please note that this is the current state of planning and may be changed by SAP at any time without notice.


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