Infor d/EPM

Infor BI is based on an in-memory analytics platform that provides instant consolidation of data and immediate user feedback on the impact of plans and forecasts. And with in-context business intelligence capabilities built in, the benefits go far beyond just easy access to data. You can understand risk, performance, and the impact of decisions company-wide.
Bluetree’s experts have implemented INFOR solutions for over a decade and are therefore recognised as some of the most experienced specialists in the Australian market.

How Infor BI works

Infor BI collects real-time data from your source applications and translates it into business insights delivered through a fully integrated solution suite with a common user interface. Every time you make a change, from modifying an order to changing an inventory status, information is updated automatically. You get a real-time, single version of the truth from a suite that is pre-built to take advantage of innovative technologies like mobility, big-data, and in-memory computing.

What makes Infor BI different?

Infor BI layers world-class business intelligence, financial consolidations, and business performance management capabilities onto Infor’s 10x technology platform to deliver simplified integration, beautiful design, and in-context business intelligence.
Together, these technologies give you:

A single source of truth

See all your data, from your Infor or non-Infor systems in one place, regardless of the source.

Real-time decision-making

See your budgets and strategic plans in the same window as your ERP transactions, so you can understand the impact of a change before you act.

Mobile connectivity, beautiful design

Access data, plans, and insights anytime, from anywhere, on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone

Forecasting on the fly

Forecast and project on the fly, wherever you are; adjust plans easily to accommodate changing business conditions; and view your business’ performance anytime, anywhere.

INFOR Office Plus

Infor BI lets you get the right information, to the right individuals, at the right time, so decision makers throughout your organisation can identify new business opportunities and make more informed decisions. Infor BI is a comprehensive, integrated business intelligence platform that includes financial and operational reporting and analysis, dashboards, planning, budgeting, forecasting, role-based analytics, data mining, and financial consolidation capabilities. Infor BI integrates with applications and data sources of all kinds and is a key component of Infor BI. Infor BI can be used in conjunction with other Infor ION applications, or as a stand-alone solution.
INFOR Office Plus is an integrated Microsoft Excel interface that delivers advanced reporting and sophisticated business analysis to improve collaboration and optimise key processes. Without requiring help from IT, you can easily create sophisticated reports, produce custom templates, and adapt standard ones to incorporate design elements, key performance indicators, and more.

INFOR Application Studio

A web-based front end for data visualisation, including reports, analysis, dashboards, and data entry. Users can create planning and reporting interfaces without needing any programming skills.
Application Studio enables you to perform key processes more efficiently by helping you quickly gather information and share knowledge throughout your organisation. Any you’ll be able to deliver this important business intelligence whenever and wherever it’s needed. Let this dynamic solution help your company reap rapid results through:

  • Enhanced functionality
  • Detailed access rights and user profiles
  • Linked data from different sources in a single report
  • Shared knowledge
  • Reduced operating costs

Why Bluetree?

  • We deliver exceptional Client Service – our most important measure of success.
  • Our first language is Finance. That’s why we get you.
  • Bluetree’s experts have implemented INFOR solutions for over a decade and are therefore recognised as some of the most experienced specialists in the Australian market.
  • Our solutions are custom built to fit every client’s unique needs and culture.
  • At Bluetree we don’t just implement technology, but ensure all initiatives are rooted in your organisation’s strategy and fully integrate into your processes.
  • We deliver results, because our industry leading experts and certified project managers have decades of experience in delivering performance management solutions.